Tuesday, April 19, 2005

First Game

We had our first game last night. We lost 4-2. It wsn't as bad as I expected. We did not hit at all. My sone was 2-3 with a single and a double. That was our only two hits. My pitching was really good. I had a new 11 year old pitch for the first two and he did great. He gave up one hit and had 4 strikeouts. I know I can fix this and take first in league.

Nothing on Real Estate today. I am waiting for a client to sell their house so we can close a deal on a house they purchased through me. Man that would be great. That would mean I get paid for all of this. For those who don't know I just started in Real Estate at the first of the year. I have my first closing next Wednesday, and this deal will be my second. It would be nice to have some money again. Times are getting hard.

I did just hear today that there is a new 40/30 deal in mortgage lending. It is a 40 year amoritization paid in 30 years. It is for margianl buyers. I don't know details, but when I find out I will post, just in case any one reads this.



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