Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Past Weekend

Saturday we got rained on and postponed in the fourth tied 4-4-. Sunday it all finally came together and we won 13-4. It is nice to see that kids actually listen and learn sometimes.

Played hold'em this weekend with the guys. Took second and some money home. Has anyone else noticed how easy it is late at night when the guys really start to get wasted, how easy it is to get them on tilt? The only problem is trying to stay sober enough yourself. But that wouldn't be fun.

Well tomorrow should be a short work day and then off to a drinking lunch. Hell it's Taco Tusday. Two for a dollar. Not much better than that. Well my local watering hole does have two for one drinks all day on Wednesday. Now that you can not beat. Then thursday is softball and drinking with the guys. Should be a fun week.


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Last Night

We lost last night 17-4. Man we struggle over the easy stuff. My son was 2-3 again. He hit the ball hard in the hole the last at bat, but the third baseman got a great hop into his glove and got lucky. Of course my son was thrown out, because he is not graced with much speed. Well we will see if we can figure it out by Saturday.

Since tonight is the last Thirsday before I start softball league, I have to condition myself. So I will start drinking at 3:00 today, so I can be drunk by 6:00 so I can get used to being drunk during game time. Man this should be fun tonight, and of course my wife will be getting pissed.

Here is to as much Rum and Coke you can put down.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Daughters game

My daughter had her game last night. It was an 8-3 loss. Man she can get so upset. Talk about a perfectionist. She is only 10, but wants to be so perfect. She was 0-2 with a walk. She played 4 innings at 3rd and then 2 in right field. She made a throw on a ball hit in the gap to the plate that was about 20 feet in the grass. She threw the player out at home. What surprised me most was that she was so upset. Later I found out the she was mad that she couldn't throw it that far. First off it was a heck of a throw by a 10 year old, and I say she has one of the strongest arms I have seen at that age. She was mad though that it one hopped the catcher about 5 feet in front. It was a perfect throw, but to her it was not good enough. Man I am in trouble when she becomes a teen.

Tonight my son's team plays. It should be a blow out for the other team. Hopefully my kids will figure it out and play baseball. Just found out that next week my softball starts. That should make for a busy schedule. Man will the stories start when that drunken mess start.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

First Game

We had our first game last night. We lost 4-2. It wsn't as bad as I expected. We did not hit at all. My sone was 2-3 with a single and a double. That was our only two hits. My pitching was really good. I had a new 11 year old pitch for the first two and he did great. He gave up one hit and had 4 strikeouts. I know I can fix this and take first in league.

Nothing on Real Estate today. I am waiting for a client to sell their house so we can close a deal on a house they purchased through me. Man that would be great. That would mean I get paid for all of this. For those who don't know I just started in Real Estate at the first of the year. I have my first closing next Wednesday, and this deal will be my second. It would be nice to have some money again. Times are getting hard.

I did just hear today that there is a new 40/30 deal in mortgage lending. It is a 40 year amoritization paid in 30 years. It is for margianl buyers. I don't know details, but when I find out I will post, just in case any one reads this.


Monday, April 18, 2005

Welcome to my boring, but sometimes interesting life.

I started this on a dare. I don't know why anyone would want to hear about me. I am a Real Estate agent in Clark County, Washington. I coach both baseball and football in Battle Ground, which is where I live. I guess I will just post about my previous days of life, work, and sports.

We play our first game for baseball today, so that should be interesting.

I guess I will keep you posted. Now if I can just get my qouta i can shut this down, and move on. To think over a dare that nobody cares to listen to my nonsense, this started. Heck I had never even heard of a blog before this.